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Dickson Payne’s work captures images of everyday life, reveling in exposing the character in the common place and the familiar. His style is grounded and well defined but constantly evolving.  The abrasive, gritty and vitriolic nature of his work was seeded in his upbringing in Newcastle, Australia where the artist developed a keen eye for the industrial and suburban.

In 2000, Dickson moved to inner city Melbourne that provided a substantial broadening in the artist’s scope both in style and medium. The artist’s signature use of geometric stencils and rubber bitumen exhibits his passion for industrial decay, yet it is evident from his minimalist style and abstruse themes that his interest lays in the human psyche and its many boundaries.

The artist’s paintings have an intensity rarely portrayed with such simplicity, that speaks volumes by displaying an emotive depth of rich colour and striking texture. The deeply personal yet simple nature of the artist’s work invites you into a world of an artist who breathes life into the ordinary.

Dickson is a self-taught painter, printmaker and photographer and has participated in various exhibitions across Eastern Melbourne, Australia.

Felicity Thomson Payne’s work, though varied in media is easily identifiable. Her style is well developed and distinctive and reflects her extensive training and experience as an exhibiting artist.

The juxtaposition of organic textures and controlled repetition is frequently explored in her work resulting in highly abstracted images that are bold, yet subtle – simple yet intricate.

The artist’s palette is restricted. The bright red, characteristic of the bulk of her work evidences a strong Asian influence – Felicity’s time living in Japan and China has clearly added a dimension to her work. However, it is her signature use of blood reds, pinks and deep rusts which give her work its undeniably visceral quality.

The use of layering and staining as methods of mark making adds to the corporeal vision of the artist. Felicity’s compositions on paper and canvas are deeply personal explorations of the vulnerability, beauty and strength of the human body.  

An innate beauty resides in Felicity’s work that is fragile and feminine. Felicity has a love of working with paper and exploring layers and textures. There is a high level of self-expression in her work, with layers of subtlety and feminine sensitivity.

Needing to take time off to focus on her young family, Felicity is now excited to present her work to the public once again.

Felicity Thomson Payne’s formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Fine Art (Printmaking) in 2001 from the Victorian College of the Arts and earlier tertiary studies in photography, art and design.

She has participated as both a curator and artist in numerous exhibitions at key contemporary art spaces across Melbourne, including Axiom Gallery, Linden Gallery, Chiara Goya Gallery, Chapel off Chapel, and the George Patton Gallery

Felicity Thomson Payne and her husband Dickson Payne creatively collaborate under the name Internal Flux.

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